Meet Kate

Normally known as “Katie”, I like to be called “Kate” I am a photographer and dog mom by chance, and a wife by choice. The three words that come out my mouth most often are “I love” “perfect” and “Babe” Probably because I spend most of my time with my little family of, Arie, Maverick, Rona and I! I love being organized and feeling as if I am “finished” so I clean our house a lot! It re-energizes me to start from beginnings and work my way out smiling. When I go out, Arie and I love to go try out new, exciting restaurants! Sushi is always a plus! Laughing, traveling, baking, cleaning, and having fun are my go-to actions. I am an Aries, I love excitement, creativity, and exploring. Arie is my “person” (shameless Greys tag) Although I have family and friends who hold a special place in my heart, Arie (My husband) understands me better than anyone else. My favorite place on Earth is Colorado, which is a close 1st to where ever I am currently calling home. I find the universe, and life itself most interesting. I truly believe that every one of us was meant to be with the person we love. I believe that I was meant to be at every wedding I’ve witnessed and captured. Each one has taught me valuable lessons on how to make the most of our short time here. 


Meet My Husband, Arie

I can talk all day about music, cars, and memes. I am a pretty decent cook, welder, and friend. Whether you need a laugh, a meal, or something fixed I can make it happen. Photographing cars is my unsung passion. A welder by day, photographer by weekend, I capture light in all the right places. No matter where life takes me you can find me with a smile. Music, loud cars, and good times follow me everywhere I go. I believe every couples wedding day is the most meaningful day of your life. Why not have a couple that has taken that leap together, capture your big day?

Arie Bottorff


Tyler & Sally

1 / 8

"Katie and Arie are a one of kind photographer team! Not only did our pictures turn out AMAZING, but we also felt like we had two really great people to help capture each and every moment we could've imagined. They were fun to work with, continually encouraged us to just be ourselves, and helped smooth over the day by guiding us from one place/event to the next. It was more than easy to work with Katie- she goes above and beyond! Anywhere from taking the time to really get to know you, to her fantastic art!"

1 / 8