A Match Made in Heaven

They laugh as they sway back and forth. He wraps his arms around her. She sighs. A lifetime of joy awaits them. A new phase, and new beginning. Small town roots, with big dreams. These two are sure to succeed at anything they put their minds too. Falling in love in high school, then marrying that person, is one of Gods biggest blessings in my life. I am so happy they have this special bond too. Friendship is key when you are growing up with your spouse. How lucky are we that we get to be together longer than most.

Alexa and Logan are best friends, and each others whole world.

The strength and joy they bring each other is worth more than all the gold in the world. They are so happy, and have so much life inside their hearts. It's so warm, and pure to see the way he looks at her. Each time she speaks, each time she laughs. His hearts melts for her. I cannot wait to capture this magic again come 2020. The year they seal the deal, becoming one.