Authentic, Country, and Warm

His hands tremble as his broken voice reads from a page with her words. Tears flood their eyes as the day begins. Loved ones watch on as their memories grow with the view before them. The day is finally here. The buzz is suddenly replaced with a hum of excitement. His face looked at ease but his heart screamed with love for her.

The music fades to her march. The crowd stands all at once. The hums of awe fades away as his world comes barreling down around him at once. This is it. This is the moment they'd be waiting for and imagining for months.

Her smile grew winder, as her steps grew closer. Her eyes were locked on him. Her mind as clear as day, holding on to ever moment. Memorizing it so she can remember this feeling forever. She has never felt so loved, so cherished. Those around her are seeing the very reason she loves him so.

A day full of fun with family and friends were just want they hoped for, and received. Sydney and Trace celebrated every moment as it came. Two people who are so sure, and so content with themselves. Two people who are have always been one, but now it's written in ink. Not much has changed other than their names. With hope and love in their hearts to guide them they will face every life challenge with one another's support. Continually growing and knowing more about one another.

Syd & Trace,

I wish you both all the love and happiness that is coming your way. You two have numerous adventures ahead, and all the time in the world to slowly enjoy each one. Knowing this young, that you have accomplished one of life's many hurdles gives you both a big advantage to succeed. You may grow and change at different rates, but you get to guide each other as those days come. Having Arie as my steady hand has blessed me in more ways than one. He has protected me and shown me things I wouldn't have know any other way.

I have given him reason to keep pushing for his goals. As well safe environment to come home to when his days at work were rough.

The balance in life lives in your marriage, use it to guide you. Always remember, it's you two against the world, not each other.

Love Kate