A Western Fairytale

An anxious bride steps into the light. A warm sun beats down on her as she walks to her groom. His hands reach out to her as the preacher begins to speak. Words of hope, promise and love are exchanged. Just like that their new journey begins. Two people, alike and different in their own ways, complimenting each others personalities.

A wedding turned elopement due to the 2020 pandemic. They were destined and set on their Colorado marriage.

Mary and Jack,

Through the trouble and stress of planning an out of state wedding, you manage to keep steady heads and happy faces. Holding in your heart what truly mattered about this day, your love. With that outlook on your life, you will get far together. Nothing can stand in your way now as long as you lean on one another. I thank you so much for including Arie and I in your special day. Being able to witness the two of you join as one, in the middle of a pandemic, so gracefully and understandably gave us both something to look up too!

With love and thanks,