Sweet Summer Engagement

He strums his guitar as she listens closely. Nothing but the sound of the strings is heard. A fire in front of them, and all their worries behind them. She giggles as he smiles. Sunshine breaks through every tree top. Warming the air and lighting up the scene. The start of summer is finally here.

With love in their hearts and hope in their eyes they walk forward. Looking at one another, trusting each other with each step. Heading in the right direction, as long as they are together. Calmness surrounds them wherever they go. The quietness of the woods could not overwhelm the sounds of their happiness.

When two people become one the world around them seems to fade. No longer are they unsure. The future with each other in sight, is nothing but sunshine. Knowing in their hearts what they want, they prepare to take the leap into the life of marriage.

I have no doubt in my mind that Amanda and Emmitt are meant to be.

They made me feel so welcomed in their home. I immediately felt the click when we began the session. Having a good relationship with your photographer shows in the way you smile for the photos. The friendships we create with clients like these are very dear to us. Amanda and Emmitt are the kind of people you want in your circle. I cannot wait to capture their wedding day, along with witnessing their union!

Thank you so much, Amanda and Emmitt, for choosing me to create art with you!