Engagement On the Greens

Chelsea and Levi's engagement session was filled with warm air, and golden streams of light. It was the perfect late summer evening for a photo session! The warm colors, and contrast made for stunning portraits! We had so much fun laughing and chatting about the details in our lives.

Chelsea and Levi first met in fifth grade at Fayetteville elementary school, Then began dating three years ago. Their engagement happened on cozy October evening in 2015. The day after Chelseas birthday Levi decided to make their engagement a personal moment by prosing in the comfort of their home.

Much like Arie and myself, they enjoy nights in spending time together. So for Levi to propose in the comfort of home was a sweet romantic touch!

Chelsea is such an excited bride! I can tell she has loved planning their dream day. She sent me photos of her ideas, and things she'd already gotten squared away! It was so fun to be in on the loop about all the beautiful details. I love watching the process of planning with each of my brides! Each one is so unique and so well thought out!

I cannot wait for their October wedding. It will be filled with every warm feeling that was felt tonight!