Warm Summer Love

Courtney and Bennett share a love of togetherness. Through their children and themselves they have a bond of a strong family unit. Throughout the chaos and the laughter, each day is a gift for these two as long as they are together!

These two took last night to themselves for a little one on one date night fun! I love seeing my couples enjoy life! Courtney showered herself in some radical self love with her fresh and professional make up and hair style- while Bennett relaxed and looked forward to their kid free night together.

These two understand- and work together- through their busy life to make time for each other. Whether it was their sweet romantic getaway at the beach, this night out on the town with a photo shoot, and perhaps and fun concert in the near future! These two haven't lost sight of what sets their hearts on fire.

I watched through my camera, at the two of them with soft looks and deep thoughts. Fitting perfectly in each others arms, and getting along like best friends. All Bennett had to do was say a few words to make Courtney shine with laughter. All Courtney had to do was look at Bennett to strike his heart with love.

Their wedding day is going to be filled with romance, fun, and family! <3

I can't wait to see what these two love birds have in store for everyone involved!