Our Story

Arie and I meet in our freshman year PE class, then in Math class that following 4th period. I’m horrible at math, and Arie is alright when he applies himself. We soon became what we called back of the classroom buddies. He was such a class clown, and had me laughing so much. I don't remember which one of us suggested it but we ended up staying after school for 30 minutes to study everything we missed in class. Even then we did a lot more talking then we did studying.

We became best friends overnight it felt like. It was just like one day I woke up texting him back and from then on all the way until now, I’ve spoken to him every single day. Our love is something that snuck up slowly but hit me in the face so hard. He was suddenly my very best friend and we were hanging out at each others houses all the time. We went on group dates together, we were each others wingman and wing-woman actually. Ive gone to all but one of the seven school dances Bedford North Lawrence hosted with Arie, only five of which was he my date.

On December 23rd 2012 Bedford North Lawrence high school hosted a Snowcoming dance. Its like homecoming but only underclassman really go. It was the middle of our Sophomore year. Arie asked ME to go with him. By this time I had known I had more-then-a-friend type feelings for Arie. As did everyone I ever came across. Our best friend Tyler can vow for me on that one. Somehow the news never got around to Arie. I was crazy about him, I mean what was there not to love about my best friend. I was terrified if he found out I’d lose him forever.

When Arie asked me to this dance it was never clarified if we were going as friends or not. Because I was so head over heals for him I couldn’t help but think there was a light of hope it meant something more. Well the universe and all that is God had by back that night. The very first slow song to play was “My Best Friend” by Tim McGraw. Talk about perfect timing. I loved this song and always imagined Arie when I heard it, I knew the song from heart. I was just so happy to be there with him that night, I started singing along to it. When I got to the part about “Life with you Makes perfect sense, you're my best friend” He kissed me.

I’d like to end here because I practically died in this moment. My life was never the same after it. Nothing will ever sweep me off my feet again like he did right then. To this day when we tell this story we both still get so smiley and I get giggly just like we did after that kiss. I giggled the rest of that night away.

Since then he has been my very best friend, and my perfect love. I couldn’t be more lucky to nail down a guy like Arie. We went on from that night together to experience life and grow, together. Arie and I have been through so much together since then. Countless things have happened, both good and bad. Through everything we’ve experienced, loss, graduating both High school and College, First apartments, First house, Traveling, and much more we’ve stuck together and loved each other through it all. Growing up with your spouse is such an experience. I am so lucky and blessed to have had Arie all this time. Arie and I both contributed to the people we turned out to be today. I’m so excited for the years to come as we continue on our adventures together!