Where We Traveled In 2019

Arie and I were very fortunate to have been able to travel a few places this year for weddings. Even though he didn't get to go to Alaska, or Colorado with me he did get to go to the Arizona and Cali trips. Here's a recap of the highlights of our time visiting exciting places! As well as our very first plane ride together!

Alaska Fires

I went to Alaska in July. Alaska had over 173 wild fires with thousand of acres burned. Towns were evacuated and land was scorched. When I arrived and got off the plane the air was heavily filled with smoke. It'll be one of the most bazaar experiences in my life as a small town Indiana girl. During my stay I had the opportunity to meet interesting people, and do things I didn't even know where on my bucket list! Yoga with reindeer was the cherry on top of my stay in Fairbanks. I got to second shoot a wedding for Stephanie Martin Photography in the North Pole. She showed me what Alaska had to offer, and how beautiful it's scenery and people can be. Traveling through Denali was breath taking. The wild blue berries were delicious. Anchorage's airport had the best sushi! This was also my first time trying out a hot spring, where on our way we saw a momma and baby moose bathing!


This is my very first wedding and engagement in Colorado. Michelle and Rob made it even better by being such sweet, thoughtful people! It was such a great way to experience Colorado. It was also my mothers first time visiting! She got to see where Arie and I got married. It was so fun seeing my mom experience the mountains for the first time. She was bewildered just like I was! It was so cute.

A Red Rocks Dream

This engagement session swept me off my feet. I was stunned when they arrived to see what I was getting to photograph! I could shoot at the red rocks all day. I cannot wait to go back next year for a wedding!


We had our first wedding in Arizona in November. It was also the first travel experience by flight that Arie and I have shared together! We had a 12 hour delayed flight on our way to Arizona. So we bar hoped around the Indy airport making lots of friends and memories.

A work week get-a-way

The wedding was an intimate day with their family and friends. Where we were treated as one of their own! while staying there we had the chance to see the Grand Canyon! I did not expect it to be snowing!

The Phoenix Zoo, and Botanical Gardens were among the many nature adventures we took. As well as Papago Park. At the zoo we ran into Amy and Jordan Demos! They are the photographers/Teachers I learned a lot about photography from. They are hot shots in the wedding photography world! I thought I was going to pass out when I saw them with their little guy looking at the porcupine. I got to say hello and thank them in person for what they've done for me. I was on cloud nine. Phoenix is probably our favorite trip thus far.


We spent nine days in southern California for an engagement session followed by vacation with Tyler and Sally Roub, family and former clients! The Engagement session with the future Mr. & Mrs Casagrande was such a fun experience! We all fell in love with the California sunrise.

Dine, Dash, and Ride

Our favorite part about Cali is the food. Everywhere we ate was the best food I'd ever had! We rented a G-wagon in honor of the late Mac Miller. Got to see Mac's house, and the Hollywood sign. We drove through downtown LA, and Beverly hills, as well as Hollywood Boulevard. All of these places were nothing like I had imagined they'd be. It really is a concrete jungle!

New years night we attended Pasea Hotel & Spa's Great Gatsby party. Us and our dear friends the Roubs dressed the part and ended the night at In-and-out! The perfect ending to a fun night!

Long beach was our favorite spot because of all the restaurants. But laguna Beach was our favorite beach for sure! The views were amazing. The night we got together with the Roubs we had a night fire on the beach! We were the only ones there, we had so much fun roasting marsh-mellows and catching up.


We spent a night in downtown Cincinnati shooting our dear friends elopement reception! My family was there so we got to soak up the fun with people we love most!