The Hard Journey

Samantha Lyn and I date back to 2010. She has always been my best friend, near and far. She'd lead me and mentored me through a lot. My friendship with Samantha has taught me many things, It's so important to be there for your friends. To push them, and pull them back, because you never know what someone could be dealing with.

Samantha has always been a bright and giggly light in my life! I have been able to share my Radical Self Love Journey 3 times over with this woman. We continue to inspire one another every day.

Samantha has so many major accomplishments.

In 2017 she,

LOST 54 lbs!♡

Graduated with her Master's degree ♡

Moved from NY to Austin, TX♡

Keynote speaker in various events♡

Traveled to Kenya♡

Found radical self love ♡

Became a licensed MSW♡

Countless hours with loved ones♡

Started a new job at an amazing law firm!! ♡

Made herself and her happiness a PRIORITY!

This girl has a entire wall of achievements. She, more then anyone, has shown me personally that nothing can stop you or get in your way. Samantha is a prime example of the amazing things you can do when you love yourself.

During one of our seasons where we didn't hear much from each other, a lot changed in Samantha's life.

You can read her full story here

Samantha is a survivor of sexual assault. She is using her story to help other victims of sexual assault and dangerous relationships. Samantha is a strong soul who is using the evil that happened to her against itself. She is not letting it ruin her life, but changing and bettering lives with it.

Samantha's legacy, is giving life back into those who need it. She is living proof that when something happens to you, you can run it, or it can run you. She chose to run it, and she is impacting the lives of many people now.

You can keep up with her Journey here on Facebook.

As well as her upcoming blog here

I am excited to see all the more she conquers in 2018, and years to come. As I continue to be inspired by Samantha and watch her change lives, I hope you too can see the inspiration in your own story.

Whatever your story may be, just know it is worth sharing.