Engagement Session 2018

Oh my gosh!

Firstly not only are Jamah and Nick kind - warm hearted people, but their love and looks are incredibly photogenic. When Nick and Jamah stepped out their car yesterday I was head over heels thrilled to be photographing them. Walking across the street to me where two beautiful people that just stepped out a Kate Spade ad. A photographers dream!

Jamah is currently in clinical rotations for PA school so her schedule has been tight, we were able to chat over Face-time about her wedding. Let me just say it's the works! Set with a live band and all, it's going to be such a beautiful- memorable night! I can't wait to capture it all, their chemistry shines!

Nick and Jamah met in high school, then started dating right after prom after a friend secretly told him that she'd go with him. Jamah was totally unsuspecting!

Nick proposed to Jamah on Christmas day in front of her family. All happily taking photos, he asked to take one more of them on his phone together so he could post it on SnapChat. Totally unaware because she is traveling around so much, for PA school clinical rotations until September, she agreed. He popped the question, and of course she said yes!

Their February wedding day will be filled with upbeat hearts, laughter, and fun! A celebration of two hearts joining as one, painted with golds tones, soft blues, and blushed cheeks. Nick and Jamah will lead the way (stunningly) in a fun fueled night!

I can not wait

Jamah and nick, Heres to you two! You two have blessed me with such a great opportunity, and photos I will cherish forever along with your generations to come! I am so proud to be your wedding day photographer!Wishing you happy hello's, and see you soon's as September nears!