Warmth, Sun, and Smiles

I don't know where to start with these two! Lexus and Austin are the two most kind hearted, young & free, people! If I had to explain them in one word it would be FUN! Which is everything we've had so far. I love working with people like them, because of the connection we share. Arie and I were just in their shoes not to long ago. Being this young and in love is such a crazy ride! A 'FUN' ride indeed.

Like us, Austin and Lexus are growing up, right in front of each others eyes. They get to witness parts of each others lives that others dream about. Being there with my spouse while we graduated high-school, college, getting our first house or car, is so rewarding. You see that person grow and blossom!

As you grow each day, they help mold you and shape you.

Being engaged often gets over looked by all the busy wedding planning. I love taking these moments with my clients just to enjoy their engagement. To honor it and recognize this time in their life. Soak up every minute and try and get used to the word girlfriend, replaced with fiance! There's so much life and fire in these two. I love how they are right at the start of their lives with so much possibility in front of them. They both are so incredibly capable of great things with these shining personalities! The biggest thing is how their personalities really compliment each other!

It's always a great honor being picked to photograph another artist, as Austins eye for photography shines as bright as their smiles do!