Cozy, Chill, and Sweet

He gently brought his hand to her cheek. Slowly he pushes her hair behind her ear. She looks adoringly into his eyes. His heart swells in size. Just like the first time they met, she took his breath away. They walked hand in hand, he quietly listened to her as if her voice was a song. He smiled at her.

She laughed as they walked. Happiness seemed to beam from their hearts. Together at last.

Megan & Chris met completely by chance! They meet over a corgi, and can I just, how perfect!!

Corgi's aren't just lovable themselves, but they spread love too! haha

I do believe in soulmates, divine intervention, and love at first site. When you know, you know. I once heard a theory long ago. People thought at one time we all had two heads, four arms, four legs, one heart. Then we were torn apart, hints the term "your other half." They told stories about how why we spent our lives searching for our "other half"

I love the thought of becoming one, and loving each other as we love ourselves. I think there is a very valid reason Arie is the only person in the world that I can really connect with. Everything had to happen just so, for us to meet. Just like these two!

I can't wait to shoot this wedding day. I know it will be as chill and sweet as they are!

It's going to be one of a kind!