Giggles, Sunlight, and Colors

Meredith Deckard and her mom Janelle came to me through one of my dearest brides Madelyn! After all the fun we had at the wedding it was Meredith's turn being the star in front of my camera.

Boy did she rock every moment of it!

Meredith is full of easy going vibes, and moved along effortlessly through out her session. I love working with clients like these because they make my job so fun. Up for anything I ask, and down to try anything new. It's really something great when art is created from people who glide well together!

Meredith is heading into her senior year with such ambition. After her senior year she will be scoring strikes for Hanover College as one of their newest volleyball team members. How exciting to already have this planned out before her senior year even starts! I'm so proud to work with students who care and work so hard! She won't fall short a drop from being one of the best business majors at Hanover.

One of the things I loved about Meredith's session was her details. They came prepared, with flowers, school items, and her Cat! My favorite detail was Meredith's cat baby, Snowball! Since her kindergarten year he has been by her side. Greeting her when she walks through the door everyday. Without Meredith, snowball is lost. And without Snowball, Meredith is too. So he's gonna be hitching a ride to college of course! Who better than him to accompany her through more schooling!

I love learning about my clients and what makes them tick. I never considered myself much of a people person, until I started meeting the right people! When I was in Mer's shoes it was hard for me to talk on the phone to people, but just like her I grew into it working jobs were I had to answer the phones. It's crazy to watch yourself grow up, and change. Things you never thought you were capable of, are so much easier than you ever realized!


Enjoy every moment of your senior year. You are going to hear many times, how fast it flies by. But they are right! Before you jump into a world full of bills and work, enjoy your time spent playing a sport you love with your teammates. Soak up all the good times, and learn from any bad times.

You are are full of wonderful things! I can tell just by the short time we spent together, you have such a good heart. You will go so far with that! <3

Wishing you the very best,