Prom taken to the skies

Sparkles glistened. He spun her, she laughed. They walked hand in hand. With her heart beating faster each step. He offers his hand as she steps into the plane. Nervous but in awe. The pilot reassured them. They beamed from ear to ear.

The plane lifts from the ground. His heart leaps from his chest in excitement. It's like nothing he'd ever seen. He took a mental picture of it, her smile. They toured the clouds as they pointed out the things they recognized.

On this night, prom night.

A big thanks to the Stone City Aviation guy's for their time and knowledge! Owner of prop plane Ken Smith, owner of flight plane David Ford, and pilot Levi Nolan are some of the nicest guys you will meet. They have given us all the chance to experience the love of flight. This was such a fun, unique way to celebrate prom night. Watching every couple smile as they got out of the plane was worth every penny! I am SO glad that they each had this chance to experience this. I think they will be trend setters for all prom picture experiences to come.

There was no better way to make prom 2019 the most memorable.

Each couple had their own personalities that shine brighter than any star. Every opportunity I had to meet a new guest was different than the last. There was one common thing they all shared, happiness.

They are all so incredibly sweet.

Thank you so much to each and every one of you, for making prom one of the best I've ever experienced!

Soak up every minute <3