Elated, Laid Back, and Meant To Be

As they walk hand and hand her laughs bring joy to his world. His cheeks become red as he laughs along with her. Happiness radiates from their hearts. You can see in their eyes, how happy they truly are as people, and as a couple. As she leans into him he whispers in her ear. She brakes out in a smile and laugh that could be seen from the stars. He knows her inside and out. She loves him for the hero he is to her. He came in, swooped her off her feet, and whisked her away into a life she never imagined. With him, her heart is where it wants to be. With her, he is happy as can be.

Morgan & Kainnon are so obviously made for one another. Their personalities shine that much brighter, together. Such sweet people inside and out. I can't wait for their big day, because I know it's going to be a happy one. Their isn't a bad bone in their bodies, and their family members are just the same! Their engagement brings light not only to their own hearts, but to their families hearts as well.

The definition of "Good People."

Their day is going to be one to remember!