Warm, Sweet, and Soft

As four feet lift off the ground, he looks at her and smiles. Hurrying down the long dirt path. They slow down as their hands meet one another's. Turing back to look at him, her eyes met his. In his view was a sparkling diamond ring, and her twinkling eyes. His heart burst with love like a water though a broken damn. In just a few short hours she was meant to be his forever.

As she spun around she laughed with joy. Finally a moment of him all to herself. She looked like a Disney princess. I'm sure if she had started to sign all the birds in the air and animals around would flock to her. She had the grace of a swan.

Many busy days surround them.

One day in particular, dictated the rest. Their day, the day they say I do.

This urban desert picture gallery fully depicts what it was like photographing these two. They are soft, kind hearted people who enjoy life to the fullest.