Pure Happiness

Rebecca and Kade met back in high school in the year of 2012! The same as Arie and I, our stories in the beginning are even a little bit the same! Starting out as high school sweet hearts they stuck together as they started their journeys into the world. Far in body, but close in hearts they attended different colleges. Throughout Rebecca's volleyball career at Alabama A&M university Kade traveled for her home games, supporting her through her amazing college career!

Kade is studying to become a chiropractor and has a limited choice in schools, in the US that teach it. They told me the story of how they miss each other so much, after they marry they plan to move to St Louis so he can finish school with Rebecca by his side!

This Chiropractor and Accountant make a great team! Arie and I could really tell they enjoy each others time. They are fun to be around, and bring each others personalities out! Laugh after laugh, and joke after joke, There wasn't a dull moment with these two love birds around!

When Kade proposed, Rebecca had no idea! It's funny how some of us girls become so unaware of what is being conspired right under our noses! But it's so sweet to be taken aback by these sweet romantic guys like Kade!

We can't wait for their December wedding! <3