Radiant, Easy going, and Fun

He wraps his arms around her. She lays back into him. Comfortable, content and joyful. He then takes her hand and starts walking, stopping to spin her around. She laughed as she bashfully looked down at the ground.

The butterflies in her stomach took flight.

Envisioning their day, as it gets closer. Sounds of the nature around them paints the picture of their cozy star lit night. All the stress of planning seemed to fade away in these moments. This night celebrating their engagement made everything feel so real, and so close. You could see the joy beam from their faces.

Shelby & Trey can't wait to see each other at the alter in May. With what seems like a lifetime in front of them until the big day, will certainly be here in a blink of an eye. We love engagement sessions because they will be married for years and years, but only engaged for this short period of time. Capturing, and honoring that is so special. Sometimes they don't even get used to calling each other "fiance" so this session is a great way of highlighting that title!