Meant to be

Shelley and Michael found each other completely by fate! This small town, Indiana girls prince charming reigns over a Kentucky green land. He serves and protects his community, and her heart.

These two happy star struck lovers enjoy spending their time together in solitude and peace. You can find them under a warm blanket in front of a good movie! Much like Arie and I, they enjoy every second spent together and soak it all up.

I loved seeing the soft looks Micheal gave Shelley when she wasn't looking. A endearing look of comfort and love can tell you more then words can describe. A look that will never fade with time. The kindness the two of them gave Arie and I is exactly what we look for in the world. Shelley is a photographer herself, and she made sure to do everything she could to help us out and make things go as smoothly as they did! She spoiled me with her studio space and being so easy to guide!

Arie and I cannot wait until their September wedding day next year. We know it will be filled with the same loving and relaxed vibes as Saturday was!

The biggest complement I can get as a photographer is the happiness of my clients. Having another photographer feel that through my work is exhilarating! I love working with, and for other creatives like Shelley! Who have an eye for art and appreciate people the way we do!

We are so happy for these two love birds and the journey that they are beginning!