Elegant, Graceful and Charming

One by one, each bridesmaid came down the aisle. Followed by sweet little voices of the flower girls and ring bearer. The moment had come and he could hardly wait. Music changes over to a soft flowing tune. The french doors open up reveling her tall slim figure hugged by a flowing white gown.

They smiled.

She made her way down the aisle with her grandfather at her side. her heart begin to beat faster. He grew excited and emotional as the moment he'd always wanted was unraveling right before him. His palms began to sweat. She tried to hold back her tears. Two souls now become one. A beautiful ceremony proceeded with blessing and songs. Then all in one swift moment they were pronounced Husband and wife!

Back down the aisle and out the grand doors the people cheered as they kissed. Many loved ones surrounded them with so much joy for them. Not a moment passed with out enjoyment.

As they danced at their party, he whispered in her ear. In this small moment on their wedding day he could finally say what he wanted only her to hear. They swayed back and forth, as their guest happily watch on. A night to remember and a new life just beginning, together.

Alli and Tyler,

Thank you so much for having us be such a big part of your day. Capturing your wedding brought us so much joy. From your beautiful ceremony to your tasteful and elegant reception, we enjoy ever single second. I wish you all the love and continuous joy that marriage brings. Being in love with your best friend is something I hope everyone gets to experience, and you guys are getting to live that out!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Arie & Kate

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