Timeless, Authentic, and Joyful

She stands graceful and strong. A white gown gently hugs her. A shear vail flows softly down her shoulders. Her father stands in front of her. Trying to hold together what little control he has left. Memories suddenly flood him. The little blonde girl he once held on his lap is grown. He turns to see her for the first time this day. He anticipated her to be as beautiful as the first time her saw her years ago. Still, his breath was taken away. He hugged his little girl. Only one word could measure his feelings, Proud.

He watched her all day, smiling, being the sweet girl he's always known. But now, with a man by her side. He looks at them with love in his heart. At peace knowing she is going to be alright.

A white dress tailed her, as she floated on air. Everywhere she went, eyes on her.

On this day they became not two, but one. With so many memories behind them, and so much life in front of them they peacefully enjoyed the present. In each moment whole heartedly. Thanking each person that made their special day such a memorable one. With words of appreciation and love, together they began their new journey. The day seemed to flee. Slipping past them so fast. Time truly flies when you're having fun.

Alexa & Logan,

Thank you again for choosing Arie and I to capture this time in your lives, we hope to capture your next steps too!

With love and thanks in our hearts,

Kate & Arie