Authentic, Emotional, and Wholesome

They walked hand in hand back down the aisle. The world lifted off their shoulders. They smiled with tears in their eyes. They were finally not two, but one. They lead into the foyer, where they stopped and embraced each other. The biggest part of their day had come and gone just like that. In the blink of an eye all the planning, stressing, and work was done. He took one look at her smile and it melted his heart. Overwhelmed with joy, tears flooded his eyes and the color red waved over his face as he tried to compose himself.

Her heart could not stop bursting with joy as her mile long smile grew wilder. She held him close as the peace within her took over. She found her one true love. She is safe with him, and loved by him. She is right where she should be.

Lucky is an understatement.

The world is a huge place. Where people vibe and bump along their own paths. Some never find the one who their soul desires. (and some don't have one in another person per say) That's all okay. But to be so lucky, that we find our best friend by our side for the rest of our lives, is something not to be taken for granted. This love is rare. It is powerful, and strong. I cannot describe the peace my marriage has brought to my life. Spending everyday with the person I trust most in the world. The person who I am 100% me with. The only person who can see all of me, and still find ways to love all of it.

We are undoubtingly lucky, and blessed to have crossed paths with a person we didn't even know we could love this much. It is life changing, and eye opening.

A marriage built off the basis of friendship is one with a foundation that will not be easily shook. One where even on their hardest days, you will find love in their eyes when you look at them. We complement each other so well. We bring balance and new perspective to each others lives. It is a gentle hand, and a firm hand when needed. It's saying I'm sorry first not because you think they're right or wrong, but because your love for them overwhelms your pride for yourself. Where you don't want to waist a single second not cherishing the other person. Life is short, and unexpected. Having a love so big for someone else, humbles you.

Getting to serve couples like Landon & Kara is why I love my job. Seeing them as who they are together- and as individuals- restores my faith in humanity. They spread that love unto others, which I think we can all agree is what the world needs more of. They may not know it yet, but their marriage will bless other people in ways they cannot imagine.

Landon & Kara,

Always remember it's you two against the problem, not each other. Repeat that anytime you get flustered. Know that when you are becoming frustrated in life, that the other person loves, and wants the best for you. Lean on each other. Lift each other up, never jump down in the whole with them. Know that when your "tether" (that thing that always keeps you emotionally connected) seems disconnected, you can always reach up and grab ahold of it. Sometimes a swift kick in the heart with a loud "I LOVE YOU!" is all it takes.

Thank you for trusting in me for capturing not only your wedding day, but the two of you as one. Starting off my wedding season with a couple who is so in love was just what I needed to be able to bring this blessing to the next couple. Your love for one another will have it's ripple effect! I am so happy I got to witness you, and learn from you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,


Vendor Love

Dress | B.Loved

Tuxes | Mens Wearhouse

Decor | Mindy Wisley (MOB)

Cake | Grandmother of Bride

Second Shooter | Hannah Cline