A Southern Indiana Wedding

She walked with confidence, he smiled with joy. With each step she took, his heart beat faster. All eyes on them, their eyes on each other. It was like no one else was there, just them and the soft spoken words of the preacher.

What a whirlwind! Karly and Justin Chamber met with me just a few short weeks before their wedding date full of excitement for their new adventure! With not much time to plan Karly and Justin pulled off a day they will never forget! A day where they each pledged their love for one another in front of those they care about. A day where they took this amazing thing they have between them and brought it to life. This day was the first day of the rest of their lives!

Colored with mint pastels, and pure white lace. The wedding day was comparable to a evenings cruise down Indiana back roads. We couldn't have asked for better weather!

Arie and I started off the day on our outdoor glider, it was to nice to be outside. Until it was time to leave we chatted away over the excitement of the day. The moments before a wedding for us are filled with so much wonder. Much like Christmas eve we are rushing to get to bed for the day ahead.

Marriage is such a marvelous thing. Two people think so much of each other, like Karly and Justin, that they think "Hey, I want to spend all of this life with you." How special it is to have found that person to do all of life with! Having your best friend with you through it all, cheering each other on, fighting battles together, conquering life. It's a true blessing.

Karly and Justin,

We can see the friendship between you. Day in and day out, through all the hard work, and long hours you two support one another and keep each other going. We thank you for blessing us with your unity! From the bottom of our hearts, we wish you the very best in your new endeavors. May you continue to be each others saving grace each day, and to always say I love you before bed even if your mad! haha!

All our best, and God bless,

Katie & Arie