A wedding on the greens

A blushing Bride, a teary eyed Groom walking my way after saying I do. She smiles at the camera, he smiles at his life. A new journey together as husband and wife. She worried and she fretted, all night, wanting her day to go just right.

He prayed, he rejoiced as he was about to make this girl his wife.

Every moment of this day was everything and more of what I dreamed it would be. They have put so much careful planning and effort into making the day enjoyable for everyone, and thats what speaks loudest to me about Stephanie and Woody Sorenson.

Their heart for their family was astounding. I felt so loved and important as their photographer, and as their sister. Holding the honor of capturing the biggest day of their lives so far, was so special and precious to me.

If I had to describe their wedding in one word I would say, alluring. That still doesn't cover it!

Stephanie and her bridesmaids started off their day by a limo ride to Starbucks. A fun surprise by her sister and Matron of Honor Kortni Taylor. Woody and his groomsmen slept in and took it easy, the mans way of doing things! The day started early, and so did the tears. Happy at that!

The bride, with help from her mothers, was dressed to impress. It was her fathers time to see her. We cleared the room and allowed him in. Only the small click of my camera making any sound, he walked in and she turned around. His eyes became blurry and the tears started to fall as they meet in the middle to great one another. Before his eyes she had grown, before her eyes so much unconditional love. A father and bride meeting I will never forget.

The ceromony time was nearing and we had one last request to finish. The bride and the groom were due to say a prayer and read the letters they had written for each other. With out spoiling the first look for the isle at the ceromony, on separate sides of the wall, they handed around their letters and silently read them. With emotions running high they said their prayer through teary happy voices, then were whisked away for the ceromony.

I love the calming touch it gives a bride and groom, seeing or hearing each other before the ceremony. I can always see the love for each other pouring out during these times.

Stephanie and Woody met around 6 years ago at a beach bar in Florida, her family and her were visiting on vacation and I believe woody lived near by. They literally meet by chance! Looking at these two I know for sure that love at first site is real!

Stephanie made the bold decision of moving to his state, Mississippi, to be with him shortly after they became serious. The rest is purely romantic history!

Stephanie and Woody,

Arie and I are honored and blessed by capturing your wedding day. The love you have for one another touched our hearts. Thank you so much for witnessing the blessing of marriage to us, and everyone there that day. I will always continue to keep you two in my thoughts, and remember the love that it sparked in my own heart. Thanks so much!

Wishing you joy, love, and happiness

Arie & Kate