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Guest stand up. The music changes over. He stands with his back towards the crowd, hands crossed. She begins the last walk with her two fathers. Her heart starts to beat faster as she notices all the eyes on her. She captivated the audience with her poise. As she glides down the aisle, he turns around.

His eyes met hers for the first time that day.

Emotion began to wash over them both. She let it out in smiles, and soft laughs. He held it in with tears and awe. The fathers hand her off. After a morning of waiting with excitement in his stomach, she was finally in his arms. All the hustle and rush from preparing for this day seemed to fade away right then. This moment they had been dreaming, waiting, and looking forward too.

Well wishes whispered all over the venue. As they were announced for the first time, husband and wife! Cheers erupted. They all make their way back down the aisle. Little flower girls whisper on how they too will kiss their husbands at their own weddings one day!

Love filled the air, and the lungs of everyone present.

After food, toasts, and cake they celebrated. Lights of all colors hugged their silhouettes. He slowly spun her around on the dance floor. She never stopped smiling. The music broke out and everyone joined them. Hands went up all over the room. Laughter, fun, and good memories followed them all night long.

Mr. and Mrs Jacob Bishop danced the night away, glued at the hip.

Ashli made every person present feel welcomed, as Jacob greeted each guest with a smile. Their sweetness spilled over onto their friends and family members. All night long soft hearted smiles were directed at these two.

No longer two, but one

Ashli & Jacob,

You've made Arie and I feel like friends and guest rather than just the help! We laughed with you, teared up with you, and our hearts shined with yours. It goes with out saying how you make others feel so loved and important. Each person their celebrated alongside of you both as if it was their day too.

With your personalities of patience, and hearts full with love I am sure there is nothing you can't conquer together.

Thank you so much for your hospitality, and including us in your special day.

With Love,

The Bottorff's

VENUE | The Old Barn at Brown County

CATERER | Smokin Jims

FLOWERS | Cathy Teeters Beautiful Weddings

DJ | Clair Roub Sound Sational DJ

PHOTO | Katie Bottorff Photography

DRESS | Unique Boutique & Bridal

CAKE | Icing on The Cake- Kristina Taylor

Brown County Wedding