Happy, In Love, and Whimsical

Blush pink tulle spreads sparkles across the room as he spins her around. Her head falls back as she laughs. Happiness shines from his eyes. Cheeks become red as they bounce around the dance floor. He embraces her as she glows with happiness. It's like their wedding day all over again. The love and warmth overflows out of them, pouring onto those they love. He slowly grabs her hand. As she turns her head and sees the smile that always melts her heart. The thought of her seeing that the rest of her life fills her heart with joy and content. He locks in this moment with the mental picture of her laughing, smiling, and just being the beautiful girl he fell in love with.

Once in a lifetime you meet a person who changes everything. A person who becomes another part of you. You start to mold into each other, and then they are all you can think about. Suddenly every decision you make in life, you make with them in mind too. Before you know it you know this person better than you know yourself. They also know you better than you know yourself. This person may be one of the only people on this planet who has seen every corner of you, inside and out, and still loves you unconditionally. When you find this person, everything clicks. Just like it does here with Katie & David.

Love like this is what creates 60 year anniversaries. No matter the bad moods, arguments, and frustrations life can throw at you, love like this always keeps a flame in your heart. Reminding you these very feelings you had on these days.

I am so happy to know and love these two. To have witnessed the love they have, and be inspired by their strength. Two people with such big hearts, bring SO much love into the world.

They are a constant reminder that every day with your person is a gift, and every moment should be as if it's your last. Always be kind, and always chill.

Kate & Dave,

Thank you so much for your friendship, and for allowing Arie and I to be a part of this day with you. You two are our friends for life, and we can't wait to see all the adventures you two have here on out. You both deserve the love and happiness that is barreling it's way to you know, in marriage. Marriage is such a blessing, and you two have already such a strong bond. We are so happy you have found the one whom your soul loves most!


with love-

Arie and Katie