Kind, Thoughtful and Sweet

His legs began to shiver as everyone stood all at once. Two large doors swung open. She lifts up her head, as her eyes swell with tears. Her father squeezes her just a bit tighter. She began her walk down the aisle. He couldn't hear a single sound. The entire world faded away as she smiled at him. The closer she got, the faster his heart beat.

Her hand stretched out for his, meeting his warmth. Just then her world began to sing. Joy shined out of her eyes like stars in the sky. Her smile never stopping. As they said their vows, and promised their love, her life suddenly changed.

Funny how you can know someone so well. Grow up with them, and still learn new ways to love them everyday. Never running out of passion. Never a doubt. So young to realized their best friend will be by their side forever. Knowing confidently God knows exactly what he's doing.

As they stood and the preacher prayed, an entire childhood flashed before their eyes. It was like all a sudden they were back in 2012 at high school homecoming. Suddenly their surroundings changed and here they are swaying back in forth in their wedding attire. Trading in that corsage for a bouquet.

Danielle & Matt

Thank you so much for blessing us with such warmth and hospitality. Seeing two high school sweethearts get married, like us, brings us so much joy. We know and appreciate the opportunity to grow up with your soul mate. Then to promise the rest of your lives together. It is an overwhelming blessing!

We wish you two many, many years of happiness, adventure, and love. You both are so thoughtful and kind. With so many people who love and adore you. We are all rooting for you two, to go on and do great things in life!

With love in our hearts,

Thank you so much!

Kate & Arie