A Spring Wedding

There she stands. A bouquet in her hands. A long white gown hugging her body. Giggles and deep joking voices sound from behind her. Suddenly it is time. He reaches his hand around the corner joining hers. One last picture before he turns. His eyes meet hers. She smiles and laughs. Tears begin to fall as he remembers all at once how much he loves her. It was like his life flashed before his eyes.

This spring wedding was painted with blooming flowers. Two precious families became one.

Courtney and Bennet have there kids at the center of their hearts. Each treating the other as if they were there own. It is beautiful to see two families join together.

The day was filled with so much laughter and joy. Each brides maid was smiling and each groomsmen was cracking jokes. They all had special parts in the bride and grooms lives. Friends from kindergarten, and from birth. Each of them stood proud and teary eyed as these two joined as one.

Family is Courtney and Bennet's first loves. Each person involved on this day was that- whether family by blood our heart- they were all family this day. Arie and I watched as one family member after another showed tears of joy for the union of this beautiful couple through out the day.

Courtney has graced so many lives with her thoughtfulness and calmness, bringing joy to everyone she meets. During the toasts they each rang a simple truth- that she had been a light in their lives.

Bennet's fun heart and pleasureful company has kept them all at ease through out their lives. Showing them how perfect he is to have Courtney by his side. Courtney and Bennet compliment each others personalities and fit so well together.

Courtney & Bennet

We wish you a lifetime of happiness. Being married to my best friend is the biggest blessing of my life. There isn't anything that we could not handle together. Lean on one another, and always remember that you are on the same team. When arguments arise know that you both are fighting for the same thing. A peck on the check can go a long way for a scorn ego ;) haha Thank you for including us in your special day, allowing us to capture this great family finally join together as one!

Love to you both,

Kate & Arie

VENUE | Spring Creek Event Barn

CATERER | Joseph Reynolds

CAKE | Sam's Club

FLOWERS | Baileys Flowers

PHOTOGRAPHER | Katie Bottorff Photography