One You Won't Forget

A father and his daughter waited in an empty room. Soft music began to play. He prepped and straighten out her veil, and spread out her train. She reached for his arm, then was reassured with a kiss on the cheek. With one last look, they were ready to go.

The chorus began to play.

With one glided step forward they began their walk down the long isle. Soaking up every memory, holding back every tear. As they made their way under the grand chandelier her eyes met with her groom. The preacher started to speak.

He turns to her, embraces her one last time. She smiles, now reassuring him, he hands her off.

A large room full of people watched as the bride and groom said their vows.

Through the cracks in their voices, and the tears on their faces they joined their lives together.

Cheerfully announcing the newlywed couple the preacher lead joyful cheers. They stood with mile long smiles, finally Husband and Wife.

Kade and Rebecca Hinkle.

These two are everything but ordinary. Sweet and soft spoken, Rebecca was a bride from heaven! She was a breeze to work with as she just went with the flow. She knew the true meaning of this day. That it wasn't about the flowers, or the venue. Rebecca knew that this day was their day.

Kade made every moment enjoyable with his fun personality. There were jokes to be made, and fun to have. He thoroughly enjoyed his wedding day to the fullest. Making his bride smile from ear to ear every chance he got.

Together they let romance and love rule the day. They really cherished every moment, not letting one slip by un noticed.

Rebecca and Kade,

We cannot express our gratitude and appreciation for you two. We had such a fun time capturing your love, from the engagement session, to the wedding. You guys have been not only easy to work with, but fun! We have witnessed such true and pure love between the two of you. Something so strong, and rare. Your wedding day was the perfect end to the 2018 season. You have reconfirmed in our hearts why we do what we do.

Wishing a lifetime of happiness for you both,

with love,

Kate & Arie

VENUE | Hill's Venue & Ferdinand Community Center

DJ | Clair Roub

CAKE | Barbara Bauer

CATERER | Catering By Meyer

FLOWERS | Huntingburg Greenhouse

DRESS | Ella Park Bridal

PHOTOGRAPHY | Katie Bottorff Photography