From Johnson, to Jones

The day has finally come! He very eagerly trots down the stairs to turn the corner, to meet his bride. As he smiles his pace picks up along with the beat of his heart. She stands so patiently, with so much light beaming from her eyes.

They meet where the sun kisses their faces as they say hello for the first time on their wedding day.

The day was filled with so much laughter and joy. Each brides maid was smiling and each groomsmen was cracking jokes. They all had special parts in the bride and grooms lives. Friends from kindergarten, and from birth. Each of them stood proud and teary eyed as these two joined as one.

Family is Kristen and Jarrett's first loves. Each person involved on this day was that- whether family by blood our heart- they were all family this day. Arie and I watched as one family member after another showed tears of joy for the union of this beautiful couple through out the day.

Kristen has graced so many lives with her sweetness and calmness, bring joy to everyone she meets. During the toasts they each rang a simple truth- that she had been a light in their lives.

Jarrett's good deeds and pleasureful company has kept them all at ease through out their lives. Showing them how perfect he is to have Kristen by his side. Kristen and Jarrett compliment each others personalities and fit so well together.

Kristen & Jarrett,

"I do my best to love everybody" - Atticus Finch To Kill A Mockingbird

We can tell you guys live by loving everyone and spreading kindness. We can tell that the two of you are most importantly kind to each other as well. You both are so sweet and kind hearted. Shooting your wedding day was a breeze! We enjoyed capturing every smile and every laugh. Through all the thank you's and laughter yesterday, our favrotie part was watching the two of you become one. Thank you, for choosing us to witness this day and capture it all! We couldn't imagine two sweeter people together than you guys!

Lots of love and hugs,

Kate & Arie


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