An Arizona Love Story

She slowly came around the corner. Carefully stepping down the stairs. As her head raised up, their eyes met. His heart burst. She started to feel the rush of emotion. She pulled herself together, to met arms with her father. Determined, her mother and her help her father down the aisle.

Tears fell all around them as he shook hands with his new father in law.

She looked at him and smiled. Holding both each others hands they stand, ready. They thank their closest family and friends for their attendance and help. The the officiant begins to speak. With their families the "tied the knot." The side knots representing their families, and the middle representing them, a new family. As they exchanged vows and rings they smiled with overwhelming joy.

People clapped while they shared their first kiss as Husband and Wife!

The night went on with out a hitch! The Brides sister gave a toast. As she read stories of their lives together tears fell from the brides eyes. Her voice began to crack until she began to laugh at the fun they've had over the years. Everyone chatted and enjoyed a wonderful meal, before it was time to head back for cake. This cake cutting was unlike any other I've done. We tied in a "sparkler exit"making it a sparkler cake cutting! They cut the cake then enjoyed a first dance together. As they swayed back and forth there were the lights of the city sparkling behind them. The mountains casted shadows making the scene look like a night sky.

As much as they were excited for this day, you could tell they are even more excited for the life that lays in front of them.

The Grooms parents Alex and Sandy Koutsunis gave Arie and I some of the best Marriage advice. To be each others Best Friend. That rang all too true for every couple there that night. The smiles had between each other were those smiles you've know for so long, that never lose their sparkle.

I think that was the single best piece of advice for any couple out there. If you have a strong friendship, you have a strong bond, and trust. Arie and I's friendship is the foundation on which we've built an entire life on top of. You can't build a strong house with out a strong Foundation.