Bringing a Little Bit of the Ocean Home

She walked up the stairs passing her uncle who was looking lovely at his wife, her aunt. Her aunt was holding their baby girl closely to her chest when she raised her eyes and saw the bride standing in front of her husband smiling. A sudden rush of memories flooded the hearts of them both as they saw their wedding day flash before their eyes once again. The dress hung on schy just right, bringing all of those warm, precious memories to the surface. As she's tearing up she hugs schy tightly and compliments the way she looks in her wedding gown.

When schy told me she would be wearing her aunts wedding dress for their reception I was so excited! Personal details like these bring out the very best in people. It enriched the day with that many more emotions. That's what sticks out the most to me about Schy and Derek. They included everyone in this special time in their life, whilst still focusing on what it was all about. Love.

Schy and Derek,

We started out at your engagement session at Oliver winery, ending at each others homes for "Friendsgiving". Out of the entire experience we are most excited for the friendship that came out of it all. We can't wait to make even more memories. More fun.

We are so happy for your elopement- your adventures. As we know, life with your best friend is always a good time!