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On this warm summer day, two hearts beat as one. Standing with their backs to a tree, one on each opposite side. He reached back behind him holding a letter. She exchanged his for hers then the stood silently and read. Smiles and giggles, then tears were seen as they read their love notes. He wiped his eyes.

There they stand on their wedding day. The reach back and grasp hands, not peeking for a moment. They anxiously count to three. Together, on three they turn around. He was shocked. He was in awe. He was in disbelief. All sorts of emotions ran past them as they see each other for the first time that day. She held onto the side on her dress, and showed off what she had choose to wear. He eagerly confirmed her choice was right.

They'd imagined this day for months, and years. It was finally here.

They quietly embraced one another as the day all became so real. Holding hands they walked back to their friends and family, to begin the wedding day festivities. As they neared them you could hear a roar of cheers. Hands clapped, voices laughed. So many others involved and eager for the union of Sally and Tyler.

All evening long they enjoyed their day together. All to often you see bride and grooms get pulled apart for many different reasons. Not them. No, Tyler and Sally stayed glued together. They weren't going to experience a moment with out one another. They joyfully danced, kissed, and spun around all night. Always seen smiling, always seen happy.

Love brings many blessings into our lives. It brings us joy, friendship, and full hearts.

Tyler and Sally Roub,

Arie and I cannot thank you enough for including us as such an important part of your wedding day. Throughout all the years of growing up, Arie and Tyler have always shared a dear friendship. To be there on your wedding day, not only as family, but as your friends means the world to us.

We hope for many more memories of hanging out at our houses, and running into each other at events! We feel totally confident in the fact that you two are meant to be together. The way you look at each other, talk to each other, and love one another speaks volumes. You both are so much fun, and have this special way of making everyone around you feel important.

There aren't many that shine as brightly as you two!

Sally, welcome to the family. I am so excited to officially be your cousin!

With joy in our hearts, and love to you both,


Kate & Arie

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