Elegant, Radiant, and Romantic

The music starts playing. He sees her standing arm and arm with her father. A long white gown trails after her. Smiles all around the room start shining. He is grinning ear to ear. The day they become one is finally here.

The Stahl wedding day overflowed with fun! From the music while getting ready, the party bus, and the reception events, the new Stahl's put on quite the show! They're decor was detailed and elegant, along with the food and beverages. All day long I saw happy people mingling and friends laughing.

It was great to see so many people come together to celebrate Jamah & Nick.

I can remember their engagement session, which feels like ages ago! They are twice as fun today! Even their family members made sure we were all having a good time.

Nick & Jamah,

Keep your friends and family close. I can tell how many people you have that support you. Lean on them in the tough times. Remember how your time apart made you fonder. How you made it through so much together only coming out stronger. Thank you so much for the pleasure of capturing your wedding day. It was a joy and an honor to be there.



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CEREMONY | St Peter's Lutheran Church

DRESS | Sophia's bridal

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