A Spring Colorado Wedding

She stood patiently around a corner of a stone wall. With his head turned away he reached his hand out to her. Looking down at his hand she grasped it. Finally it was time for the first look. A moment they both had anticipated. He turns his head and steps around to her. Bright light reflects from her white gown. In all his astonishment he caught his breath enough to say "wow"

The first embrace of many that day.

An intimate ceremony with family begun. Soft sniffles, and tears being held back could be heard over the mountain top wind. Champagne popped and cheers erupted. Just like that, the months of planning and stressing faded, and the most fun began.

Toasts of love and admiration rang throughout the cabin venue. Testimonies to their kind hearts filled the air. So many different ways were mentioned on how they make the perfect two. So many loved ones cheering them on since day one.

Michelle and Rob are two of the sweetest people ever. Again and again I heard stories of how they'd been so considerate of others in the past. How Rob makes people laugh, and how Michelle makes people feel important.

In their case, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Rob and Michelle's family and friends all had the same kind hearted, light spirits. Each and everyone of them had the others perspective in front of them instead of their own. You could tell each person there cared about others as they do themselves.

I have never felt so welcomed and appreciated like they made me feel!

Michelle & Rob,

Always remember how the stress and planning leading up to your day, was worth that moment you saw her in her dress for the first time. It was worth the moment, you watched him tear up as he said his vows. Each time little Conner busted moves on the dance floor, and you two laughed with each other the stress faded away.

Now you know, you two can handle anything thrown your way. Through all the busy schedules, late nights, and long drives, you two have managed to always remember that love is your biggest asset. I look up to you two not just as a example of a strong couple, but as individual kind people. You've shown me what it feels like to be treated in the fashion of kindness and respect. How you treat others is a great example on how you treat yourselves, and with that I know you two will go on to amazing things!

Thanks for being great cheerleaders for me, now it's my turn to cheer for you!

With love,



VENUE | Summit Sky Ranch

HAIR | Isabelle at Southern exposure salon

CATERER | Food Hedz Catering

PHOTOGRAPHER | Katie Bottorff Photography

Colorado Wedding Photographer
Colorado Wedding Photographer
Colorado Wedding Photographer
Colorado Wedding Photographer