A Valentines Season With Cupid

He reached out his hand to her. In her shock and bewilderment she reached back out. Tears began to fall all around the room. Lyrics from the song rang out words of years and knowledge. Her shaken hand fell to his cheek, the other wiped the tears from her eyes as they swayed back and forth.

Mothers come in many different forms. Some of us are blessed with more than one. I'm sure Zac's grandmother can attest to that. It was so special to witness his moment with her on his wedding day. I can relate as I have that same relationship with my Papaw. I too pulled him to the dance floor for a commemorative moment like theirs.

Grandparents are so special.

Zac and Riley set a very caring tone for their wedding day. You could feel how much everyone there meant to them- and what they meant to their guest. These high school sweethearts didn't slow down all day!

Riley & Zac,

The story you two share is rare. You have years on all the other couples since being together at a young age. You two know how special and rewarding it is to grow up with your spouse. You'll also be blessed with growing old together. Thank you so much for having me capture this special day in your lives. I will forever be grateful of it! I wish you both a life full of love, family, and fond memories to share for generations to come!



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