Warm, Authentic, and Sweet

The air was warm, the sky was clear, and the groom sat patiently. Under the shade of a willow tree he waited with butterflies in his stomach for what felt like entirety.

Behind him with slow steady strides, his bride came closer and closer.

He stood up with excitement. Hearing the sound of her hello, turning around to see her standing there in her floor length gown. A smile was on her face and his heart took off, without a single hesitation he went to her with open arms.

They embraced each other, and he doted on her. She'd really done well, he said. Then the tears started falling from his eyes, because he couldn't believe the woman in his arms with such astounding beauty was his to cherish.

This first look was unlike any other. She glowed, and he grinned from ear to ear. You could feel their fondness for one another through their shared bliss. Madelyn looked absolutely stunning, and Austin was just head over heels for her all day. I loved hearing him tell her what a great job she had done, and how she blew him away. It melted my heart into a million pieces.

Arie and I were welcomed in like friends. We laughed, we hung out, and we felt right being there. Madelyn was such a calm and easy going bride, without a care or worry she fully embraced the day. It was their day, and they enjoyed it all by each others side. Just as it was at their engagement session, purely fun and real!

Like each wedding I experience, I spend the day watching and loving what is unfolding before me. From watching them feed each other cake gently, to sharing moments on the dance floor, seeing them when no one is paying attention give small kisses and looks. It is amazing and never gets old. What they share is so pure and rare.

They really didn't leave each others side, and this speaks out to me the loudest. They love each other so much, and I can tell they genuinely enjoy being in each others presence. This is how I know that Madelyn and Austin are meant to be together, that they are fully and purely in love with one another.

Surrounded by people who know them and love them, they started their lives as husband and wife. They began their new journey, their new way. They glowed and they enjoyed every bit of this day in comfort.

Madelyn & Austin,

Thank you for blessing me with the reminder of what marriage means. For being open and venerable in the sake of merging your lives together because you love each other. You have blessed my own life by your calmness and confidence in yourselves, and in marriage. Watching you two become one and seeing how much you enjoyed it is a breathe of fresh air and a look into what matters in life. You two are stars, and together you shine brighter than ever. I am over the moon excited for you two and I wish you all the love and continuous joy that marriage brings. Being in love with your best friend is something I hope everyone gets to experience, and you guys are so obviously living that out!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Kate b

Very Marry Voorhies

Wedding Day

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