Radiant, Elegant, and Sweet

Her heart began to flutter as she felt the touch of his hand for the first time that day. Her excitement grew. Suddenly everything felt so surreal. The day had finally come. He stands patiently, yet nervous. Family and friends watch on as they both turn around. Her bright smile immediately filled his heart with joy. Her light, lighting him up. She throws her arms around him. They hug. you could feel the awe flowing across the flowers. Friends and Family watched on with smiles all over their faces.

All day, and all night they celebrated. Glad to finally be not two, but one.

Fun is to be had wherever they go. The night was filled with laughter and smiles. They all danced the night away.

Shelby & Trey,

Thank you so much for choosing us to capture your special day. You put on a beautiful wedding, even with the rain! You both fit so well together, I see you both doing great things with your new life!