Moody Romantic Matrimony

His palms grew a little sweaty when He stood outside waiting for her to walk out. You could hear the winds blowing the clouds above and feel the warmth of the sun touch you in the warm summer air. She stepped around the wooden post and tapped on his shoulder. He turns to her. Reveling to him what he had dreamt for all the years before they met.

Kendra and Joe planned and dreamt about this one day for years. They knew what they wanted, but as long as they got married the rest was sure to fall into place. Their team helped them set up their big day- from the seating to the tables.

Kendra was a beautiful blushing bride. So patient and kind, she directed everyone with softness. Kendra showed what love she held in her heart for Joe.

Joe was ready to marry the girl God blessed his life with. Together he knew they will live a life full of peace.

The day was full of summer wedding wonders!

Kendra and Joe,

Arie and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for including us in your special day. It's always an honor to document the stories of such a big time in the lives of others. We love doing it, and are so happy we were able to do it for the two of you! You two remind me of Arie and I with your friendship. Always remember when you're mad- its you two against the problem not each other. Being married to your best friend makes that so much easier to remember!

We wish you all the love and happiness that marriage brings! Congratulations to you two kind souls!

All our best, with love

Katie & Arie