How to Navigate Wedding Planning with COVID-19

  • Don't Panic

Focus on what the whole purpose of having a wedding is for. It's not all about the flowers, the venue, and the dress. It's about celebrating that you have found your true love. Becoming not two, but one. A celebration with those you love most. Sharing this very special life step with the people closest to you. Remember all the love behind it, not the price tag or the feeling of fame we get from it.

  • Be realistic About Your Timeframe

When is your wedding? Is it this month? If it's in the midst of all the chaos, you need to prepare yourself now. Saving yourself so much time and heartache. Don't just give up, control what you can in this situation where we feel as if we have no control. Is your wedding in the fall? Will all this blow over by then? Probably. But then again, don't let fear take over. Come up with an action plan so that you can rest knowing you've got this under control.

  • Think about your location

Are you in a highly populated area? Where it's more of a threat to go out in public right now? Where there are more people, thus more numbers of cases? Think about your location and how that can effect the outcome of your wedding date.

  • Assess Your Risk Tolerance

Are you okay with risking someone getting sick at your wedding? Are you okay with risking it spreading because of your event? Know where you stand with your thoughts, feelings and knowledge on the matter.

  • Think about possible back up plans

Canceling and rescheduling are two very different scenarios. One you forfeit the entire wedding. One you simply push back your date, and switch up your plans. (venue etc)

  • Know what your deal breakers are

(Self explanatory) Know what it will take for you to absolutely cancel or reschedule your wedding.

  • Communicate with your vendors about your wedding concerns

Defiantly ask me what I think you should do. Ask any of your vendors. We know the industry, and the right way to get what it is you want out of this situation. Communicate with us, with what it is you want.

  • Understand your contracts (and why you might not get your deposits back)

Now's a good time to read your contract! I cannot stress this enough. Many contracts are written with this already in mind. Contracts are for worse case scenarios. Some vendors could require you to pay the rest of your amount even without having the wedding. It is important that you know where your vendors stand. Some contracts call for a two weeks notice of rescheduling or cancelation. Meaning if you don't let them know in time, you may owe them all the money. Please read your contracts!! Some vendors are sly. The best thing you can do is communicate with them about this.

(For my brides reading this, I am not here to trick you or take your money. Please just communicate with me on what's going on so that I can change my plans if need be. Because if you wait to long- I wont be able to)

  • Communicate with your guests

Let your guest know what's going on the second you know. This will help you and them both out. You don't have to do this any fancy way. It can be as simple as making a facebook group, a mass text or email thread. If you'd like to be formal and fancy, you can mail out a "Save the Date Maybe" You could list two possible dates. You could also list a date in which they can expect to know an answer by. This keeps everyone in the loop.

  • If you are having your wedding, be mindful of the health of your guests (and vendors)

As you probably already know, the elderly and immune compromised are more effected by this as they can catch the worst case easily. Look into the real scientific facts on the disease. This virus can stay alive on objects for up to 14 days.

Below are links you can use to gain more knowledge and understanding