How to Prepare for Your Wedding Photos

You've envisioned your wedding photos so many times while planning your wedding. You've awed, and starred at Pinterest and Instagram photos. You've maybe even stressed over them. The photos (besides the guy) are one of the biggest aspects of your day. I understand. My entire wedding day was planned around the pictures. The photos were the biggest thing to me beside the fact I was marrying my best friend on top of a mountain! I wanted that captured for sure.

When it comes to getting everything you dreamed out of your wedding pictures, theres a few things you can do to be sure your day is captured the way you had envisioned all these years.

Your Photographer

This is the most important factor to your wedding photos. Who your photographer is can change everything! You want someone who's work you love obviously, but you want to be comfortable with them as well. It shows in photos when you aren't comfortable. Getting to know the person who will be following you around on the biggest day of your life is crucial. You don't want a stranger in your getting ready room!

A Shot List

If your photographer doesn't already have one for you, make a list of every photo that's important to you. Even the small stuff. Communication is key. They can't get what you need if they don't know what it is. Don't be shy to tell them what your excited to see in your gallery! The right photographer will listen. Some of my brides have had really good idea's that I am so happy they shared! As we go along during the day we are checking off each shot we get on your list.

Have Everything Ready

The first thing I do on a wedding day after checking out the venue, is details. I tell my brides to have all their details in one place so we don't have to hunt them down. Your shoe box is a great way of keeping together all those small details that you carefully planned. I know that when I get that box, everything in it is to be photographed.

A Binder

Having a binder with all your wedding paper work can be a life saver. Print out your vendor contracts, and keep extra copies of your shot list and time lines in there incase more are needed. Having all the important stuff in one place helps when things are needed in a jiffy.

Personalized things

Personalize everything you want. Do the hangers, the bridal party gifts, and the robes. Adding your own unique touches to your day can only make it more memorable.


Appoint some one you trust to come along to make sure your hair and teeth look fabulous during photo time. Perhaps your MOH can tag along and be on stand by with fresh lipstick and hair spray.

Ask a Professional

Ask the photographer for tips. They should lead you through the entire process. Telling you how to pose, and what to do with your hands! Ask them how to achieve special effects like sparkler pictures or smoke bombs. Being creative is never a bad idea to give your wedding gallery that extra "umph" you need.