No Stress Needed

Planning an entire wedding can be a little overwhelming at times! If you aren't getting a lot of help, or running low on idea's it can be quite the challenge! Please do not fear, Because there are many ways we can avoid wedding day planning stress.

The number one way to decrease your stress in planning is pay a professional planner to do it for you! They have had lots of practice on planning these events, and they have valuable knowledge in the industry. A wedding planner can ease a lot of your stress and take care of many needs. Wedding planners can do the communication with your vendors, make sure all your details are in line, order decor, and lead/direct the timeline of your day so that everything runs smoothly all while you don't lift a finger.

They can pay for themselves with all their awesome connections and money saving tips! A stressed out bride is never a good thing, after all its your day to shine and enjoy!

If a wedding planner just isn't in your budget or you are quite the organizer yourself, there are other ways to easily plan your day successfully. I tell my brides not to worry when they are running behind schedule. Out of the all the weddings I've shot, not all of them have been on time. That is okay! Its never a big hassle or problem. But I prefer you to not have to worry about a thing anyways, a relaxed bride is a happy bride!

My last wedding of 2017 was an hour AHEAD of schedule. It was amazing because we had plenty of extra time to grab extra photos, and relax and enjoy the day! My bride was on top of her planning game and made sure we had more then enough time, and she glowed because of the absence of stress!

We nearly checked off every photo and pose on her shot list before the ceremony even started, which gave us more time to grab family shots afterwards! It was an overall WIN.

Planning a little extra time, and having back up plans incase of weather, are always a good ideas for any event. For your wedding day, its critical for your sanity! Organizing, by keeping a binder of all your paper work, a few printed out Timelines for the day, and a shot list with names of people for the photographer, all can reduce stress for the perfect couple on their perfect day.

Pinterest is full of ways to organize a wedding day! But here are a few of my personal tips on Organizing and planning!

- Have a wedding Binder. Print out anything to do with you wedding and put it in this binder. Make a tab for each vendor!

- Make a detailed wedding day timeline. Start at the time you wake up, to when the very last vendor leaves. Included when vendors arrive, and when you are taking certain photos!

- Delegate a team, whether it be your bridal party or family, if you don't have a wedding planner put people in change of things so you can do less worrying and thinking. (more enjoying!)

- Don't wait until last minute. If you have any control get any decorating done asap. The sooner the better. Make center pieces ahead of time, arrange decor asap. Whatever you can check of your list, the better!

- Have all stag or bachelorette parties the weekend BEFORE the wedding, not the night before, I don't need to explain that one.

- Keep vendor contact info in your phone! and your planners phone, and your maid of honors phone, and your moms phone...

- Check in with all your vendors the week before the wedding date. They should do this also, but if not then DEFINITELY check in.

- Make a point to relax and enjoy it all! Girlfriend you're getting married, this only happens once in your lifetime. You have found the perfect man, and you are joining together as one on this day. Soak. It. UP. Soak up every minute you can, and remember to enjoy it all, its a celebration of two people in love. Whether or not certain people are there or your cake gets there on time isn't the point. The point is you, and him. Please out of anything anyone tells you, remember that!