Photography Tips and Business Tricks

So you have a passion for photography? Whether it be photographing people being themselves, or beautiful things you see throughout your day, you appreciate the ability to capture and cherish it all. Today we have the ability to capture every single moment worthwhile, freezing it digitally forever.

You feel like you have the basics down, but you've figured out that with art, there is always more to learn. Whether or not you photograph for fun, or for a future, these tips are for you. So here are tips I have for anyone who frantically Dms me on instagram about to shoot their first wedding.


  • Shooting in Manual 
  • Posing people 
  • How to treat people professionally & Authentically
  • All things small Business
  • Finding your niche
  • Lighting
  • Planning
  • How to use gear/ look up lenses and flashes and reflectors! 
  • Where to look for free education 
  • Tips for the "momographer"

Shooting in manual can be very intimidating if you don't already have it down pat. I used to be terrified of it! When I got to college I had no choice, I had to learn and learn fast. Pinterest has some very helpful cheat sheets. I printed the one that made to most sense to me, and carried it with me until I had it all down in my brain. Now when the lighting changes just as the bride is coming down the aisle, I know which way to go in my settings asap.

When it comes to weddings this is oh so important. You can't stop her and ask her to walk back up again, you have to get it right that first time. If you aren't confident in your manual skills its okay to shoot in auto. Don't ruin someones wedding pictures over pride, there's nothing wrong with making sure your clients get the best of your work.

When it comes to posing people, Pinterest is another good way to get some go-to idea's. Sometimes just having the clients be themselves while they walk around is the best way to get those authentic shots. You want your clients to feel comfortable, and guided. They look to you to tell them how to stand and what to do with their hands!

Which brings me to my next point, treating people professionally and authentically. There's a book I highly recommend for this called, "How To Win Friends and Influence People" By Dale Carnegie. The only inside tip I will give you from this is, call people by their name, because a persons name is the sweetest sound to them. The rest you have to read the book to find out! Bottom line, treat people the way you'd want to be treated. Photograph them the way you would want to be photographed. Every. Single. Time.

So if your the type that wants to start making some extra cash taking photos, that's great! Starting my own business has been very humbling and exciting. At first you may trade pictures for something, then the next thing you know someone hands you a $20. (Awesome!) It feels great. All things business, it's awesome getting paid to do what you love, but make sure you are doing legally. There's three easy steps to starting your own LLC photography business. Get your EIN, Get a bank account in the business name, and hire an accountant. Keep a record of everything you make, and spend.

Once you get started booking sessions, try out everything that comes your way. More likely than not you'll have a favorite thing to shoot. Find your niche! Then you can focus on that specific type of shooting. For me it's obviously weddings, so I am learning everything I can possible learn about shooting weddings. The learning never stops!

My favorite lighting tip came from an online course I took from, you guessed it, wedding photographers Amy and Jordan. Shoot in open shade. that means anywhere that theres shade, and nothing directly above it. (shoot close to the tree, but not directly under it) My own tip for you, is Magic Hour. The hour before the sun sets is the best time to have your sessions. It's like open shade paradise. It's also referred to as golden hour :)

When it comes to knowing in advanced you have a shoot coming up, Plan for it. Plan every detail of your shoot. Put in the extra work, reap the benefits. I use a "shot list" or "pose idea list" to make sure I get everything, and incase I have a moment where I can't think of anything.

Photography Gear can get expensive, but there's lots of cheap ways to go about making some of your own.