Peaceful, Happy, and Content

She stands patiently as he makes his way towards her. He is placed with his back at her, waiting for her que to turn around. Moments seem like years as he anticipates seeing her for the first time in that white gown. She taps on his shoulder and he turns around. The world is moving in slow motion as he takes in the shock of her beauty. He has always known she was his Yin to his Yang. In that moment it was different, every feeling he had for her rushed forward and out. Confirming even deeper, his love for her. As he smiled at her, thoughts raced through her brain. She was trying to freeze every detail of this moment so she can hold onto it forever. In a small moment, time together flew before their eyes.

The day was as easy and enjoyable as they are. Weddings can be very busy days but these two knew just how to enjoying every moment care-free and at peace. The day truly held its meaning around the simple fact, it was THEIR day and they were going to enjoy it. I love being around the calming presence of this couple. I will always remember them, and thank them for giving me one of the best wedding experiences I've had.

Couples who are relaxed and at ease with each other, and the camera are what make my job so fun and easy!

Amanda & Emmitt

You two have been so wonderful to work with. From day one, meeting you, I knew you two where going to be so easy for me to work with. Amanda you have been so punctual and prepared. You're a photographers ideal bride because you aren't stressed (at least you never showed it!) and you are so easy going/ happy! I hope I can capture the two of you again later down the road for an anniversary or maybe one day family photos ;) I cherish your friendship and your personalities! I am so excited I was able to be your wedding photographer, and witness such an inspiring couple become one. I gave you a book on your wedding day that blessed and guided me in my marriage, but I think you two could honestly add a chapter to it yourselves, on how going with the flow can bring so many blessings to your lives! <3 Your wedding was one where I learned more about marriage, and more about true love!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,