Southern Country Love

She floats around the room as the energy buzzes. She wears the excitement of the day on her smile as her loved ones rush around her. The heat rose as early as they did. The evening sun glistened with its colors. With family and friends they partied the night away, joining their two families as one. a new life, a new beginning.

Jaylyn & Allen

I thank you for sharing these special moments with us. Knowing that you trusted in us to create something so special with you two means so much to me. Having clients that believe in us the way you do makes our world turn. I hope and pray the best for you two, a life filled with many joys and blessings. Jaylyn's positive vibe, and Allen's soft demeanor balance so well together. Continue to seise each moment together, leading each other through so many great opportunities. Life is so short, but together I see you both enjoying every last moment. You two are a team, and a great one at that!