Warm, Sweet Love

With butterflies in her heart she walks forward. A quiet sanctuary echos her steps. His back facing her, and his head down. With one hand she reaches up and taps on his left shoulder. This moment felt like as if time froze. He turns around to her. Sparks light up his eyes, and make his heart skip a beat. He'd imagined what this day would be like. He never imagined it would feel so good.

She was dressed in white, a showered in sparkles. He smile seemed to light up not only his world, but the entire room. Holding hands she spun around so he could see her dream dress.

He smiled at her, for a moment in disbelief.

Suddenly he was so excited for what all the planning and choices had brought him.

A serenade played while the two became one. Their eyes stayed glued on each other as if they were the only ones in the room.

Just like that, they were Husband and Wife.

All night they floated on air so elegantly. Their reception gave warm and gentle vibes. Colors of pink, purple and blue reflected off the guests as they enjoyed their warm home cooked meal. Giggles could be heard, and smiles could be found everywhere she went.

Her happiness was contagious, and her grace was perceived by all.

Cassidy & Nathan,

Your calmness, and pose gave us such good memories. You made our jobs easy, whilst making it fun. Clients like you are why we do what we do. You both have shown with your love and devotedness what a blessing marriage can be. With that there is nothing you two can't handle as one.

Our biggest thanks for including Arie and I in your beautiful day. Not only including us, but trusting us to capture it all.

I pray you both find warmth, happiness and joy for the years to come!

With love,

Katie & Arie

Venue & Caterer | Spring Mill Inn

Cake | Sweet Cakes

DJ | Clair Roub Sound Sational

Video| Blake Conner

Photo | Katie Bottorff Photography

Dress | b.loved

Flowers | Baileys Flowers

Katie Bottorff Photography