Laid back, Fun, and Happy

His hands shook while he read allowed to her the meaning of this day to him. She smiled in awe, and reached behind her to touch him. As his voice cracked she patted his side. Back to back they stood, their friends and family watching from the side. When it was finally time, for him to see his bride, they counted to three and turned around. As he turned to see her her dress sparkled and her smiled glowed. He was taken back by her beauty. He was lost for words. She giggled as she spun around to show him her dress, as he watched in disbelief that this was his life, that this day had finally come.

Shelley and Michael Jansens friends and family celebrated with them all day and all night.

I had so much fun photographing each person there. Their families both were full of life and fun, making it one to remember! Arie and I think The Jansen wedding was hands down one of the easiest weddings we have ever had. Everyone was so nice, and Shelley, being a photographer herself, so considerate! We can tell that they are very loved, and very happy. It's so sweet to see so many smiling, teary-eyed faces when witnessing two people become one.

Shelley and Michael,

Thank you so much for having Arie and I capture your special day. You two both made everything so laid back and easy going. With qualities like that your marriage will go so far. There won't be a single bump in the road you won't be able to handle. Your friends and Family, Arie and I, and anyone with eyes can see you two are meant to be!

Congratulations, and all our best,

Kate and Arie

Vendor Love

Venue | Laural Mill LLC

DJ| 812 Productions

Video | ADM Productions

Dress | B.Loved

Cake |Brittany Nicolson

Catering | Tj BBQ

Flowers | The Twisted Rose Flower Farm

Indiana Wedding
Indiana Wedding
Indiana Wedding
Indiana Wedding