Smiles that will keep you warm

Giggles ensued. Only laughter and smiles prevailed. The Kottlowski family showed us that all you needed was a little love and happiness to keep you warm. 10 toes and 10 fingers wiggled and waved. With each push up into the air he let out a rejoicing laugh. A year into life and little henry has found so much to be happy about.

Through the warm up breaks in the car, in and out we took our time. Letting nothing but joy keeping as warm. I noticed that with each smile and each giggle it only got easier. Each time I called for sam to adjust a pose we would laugh. Here's a fun fact, Henrys mom and dad have both gone by the name Sam. I like to call them Sam Squared! Well now little Henry has been blessed into the equation. Adding on the amount of laughter and jokes.

Samantha and Samuel,

Thank you so much for allowing me to capture these special moments in your lives. Watching little Henry bless your lives has been so fun! You guys have given me hope that not all babies are grumpy poop machines. Henry is such a lovable happy little guy, I truly enjoyed my time with you guys once again!