Enter a Heading

A rotten cheer flooded the corners of the wilderness. A bird flew from its nest. A deer from the field into the safeness of the forest. Little feet flew off the ground. Little hands cupped into fist above his head. Laughter ensues all around him as he comes back down to the ground. Two words, Brendan jump!

The O'Rourkes are clients turned family. They have been there for Arie and I, guiding us like parents. Hanging out with us like cool siblings with all the right hook-ups. I have been able to watch B grow, and learn. He surprises me all the time! These cool cats have always brought the party with them everywhere they go.

Indy Parents,

We are so happy you came to visit us. We were so excited to show you the little life we've created here in Bedford. Our hearts are with you in Indy, and maybe soon our bodies too! But we are so happy you all have been our greatest friends throughout these exciting times in our lives. From St patty festivities, wedding receptions, and car shenanigans.

One thing good came from Arie working at Discount tire- and that was you guys [and the others too ;)]